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Looking for things to do at the beach? From sand castle building to a hard-fought game of Pro Kadima, there are dozens of fun beach activities for all ages and interests. Read below for a list of some of the top things to do at the beach on Navarre Beach!

What To Do – Beach Activities

Sandcastle Building

Sandcastle building is an all-ages staple of the beach vacation! The whole family can join in the fun of constructing unique sand castles from the white-sand of Navarre Beach! Whether you’re a professional sandcastle architect or just want to stack up some sand with the little ones, the memories of playing in the sand are warm and long-lasting!  
What You’ll Need: Water-tight sand bucket, shovel, handheld rake  


Not all beach activities are relaxing! Catch a wave and ride it to shore with this extreme adventure! Surfing is a favorite activity of Emerald Coast locals. Dedicated surfers can seen enjoying the surf in the morning and early afternoon before the beaches get busy, but anyone can do it anytime! Be sure wear the proper gear including flotation devices and cold-water cover in the fall and winter.
What You’ll Need: Surf board, wet suit (optional), personal flotation device  

Skim Boarding

Glide across the shore line with this extreme activity. Skim boarding is a thrilling activity for teens and young adults! Skim boards can be purchased at beach stores throughout Navarre Beach and the surrounding areas.  
What You’ll Need: Skim board, protective gear (elbow pads, knee pads, helmet)


Anglers can’t resist the pull of the ocean! Fishing the surf can yield a world of results. Catfish, pompano, mackerel, redfish, shark, and more can be caught off shore. With the right bait, equipment, and the perfect spot, beach fishing can be the highlight of your Navarre Beach Vacation!  
What You’ll Need: Fishing equipment, bait, tackle, Florida fishing license, beach chair, cooler (for drinks, snacks, and to keep fish fresh)  

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Ghost Crab Hunt

An absolute favorite of families with small children, hunting for ghost crabs is a great way to bring the family together and encounter exotic marine life in a safe environment. Ghost Crabs are small white crabs that glow faint in the moonlight. These nocturnal crabs are harmless and fun to catch! Grab a bucket, shovel, and flashlight, and see how many of these cute critters you can collect!  
What You’ll Need: Bucket, plastic shovel, flashlight  

Beach Picnic

Lay out a blanket and bust out your favorite foods for a sea-side picnic! Beach picnics are a fun alternative to a meal at a restaurant or in the hotel. Cook up your own meal or grab takeout from one of Navarre Beach’s top restaurants for an unforgettable dining experience! Learn more about Navarre Beach dining with our restaurant guide.  
What You’ll Need: Large blanket, cooler, food, drinks  

Pro Kadima

Also known as beach tennis or paddleball, Pro Kadima is a fun and easy game for both children and adults to play while at the beach! Available at almost every beach supply store, Pro Kadima consists of wooden paddles and a hard plastic ball. Play 1vs1 or on teams to see who can go the longest without missing the ball!  
What You’ll Need: Pro Kadima paddles, Pro Kadima ball(s)  


Strap on a snorkel, goggles, and some rubber flippers for an undersea adventure on Navarre Beach! This activity is great for first-time beach goers and children excited to learn about the sea. Gear is inexpensive and can be easily found at most beach and gift shops.

What You’ll Need: Snorkel, goggles, flippers or water shoes, floaties, personal flotation device, underwater camera, net, bucket  

Kite Flying

Kite flying is a classic American past-time, and with the strong south winds and backdrop of the sea, Kite flying takes on a whole new life at the beach!  
What You’ll Need: Kite, kite accessories  

Beach Volleyball

Multiple public volleyball nets behind Juana’s Pagodas make playing volleyball easy. Assemble a team and take on friends, family, or friendly strangers during your day at the beach.  
What You’ll Need: Volleyball  

Old-Fashioned Game of Catch

Keep it simple with a laid-back game of catch in the sand. Bring along a football, frisbee, or ball and glove, and play some catch to pass the time.  
What You’ll Need: Football, baseball, baseball glove, frisbee, soccer ball  

Boogie Boarding

As a safe alternative to surfing, Boogie Boarding offers the wave-riding thrill many of us crave from the ocean without the task of learning to surf! Boogie boards are cheap to purchase from most beach shops, with many including a safety tether in the event that the rider slips off into deep water.  
What You’ll Need: Boogie board, personal flotation device  

Do Nothing!

I’m sure you were waiting for this one! For many, a day at the beach means a day of relaxation! Catch a tan, or catch up on your favorite book, aslong as it’s worry free than it’s alright with me! Pump the tunes, drink that six pack, and soak it all in on your own terms. That’s what Navarre Beach is all about!  
What You’ll Need: Book, stereo, drinks, snacks, comfortable beach chair or towel, & whatever makes you happy!