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Navarre Beach’s famous beaches are visited by millions each year. For seasoned locals beach-going is an art, but for many travelers, hitting the beach comes but once in a blue moon. Refer to the list below to plan for fun and worry-free days of sun and sand.

What To Bring To The Beach


1. Swimsuit (w/ Cover-Up)

Common sense tells us to bring a swimsuit on a beach vacation, but still we forget, and end-up blowing our money on a throw-away pair of trunks. Save the frustration and check #4 off the top of your list!

2. Sunscreen

Lather on some sunscreen before hitting the white-sand Emerald Coast beaches. Keep it a minimum of SPF 15, and don’t forget to re-apply!
3. SPF Lip Balm

Sunscreen is great, but most types do not protect the lips! Sunburnt lips are painful and take a long time to heal, so don’t fall victim to this all-too-common beach ailment. Apply and re-apply a lip balm with sunblock protection before spending time in direct sunlight!

4. Sunglasses

Protective eye wear is essential in guarding against the Florida sun’s strong rays. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by shimmering white sand! Try polarized lenses for extra UV protection and glare reduction.

5. Flip Flops

Ask any Navarre Beach local “what to pack for Florida?”, this may be their answer. Who needs close-toed shoes anyways? Florida locals love brands like Rainbow and Quicksilver, but any flippy floppies will do. Grab a pair of flip-flips and let those feet breathe!

6. Hat/Head Cover

Ever had a sun burn on the top of your head? It is NOT fun! Protect those noggins and keep the sun out of your eyes with a shady hat.

7. Cooler

Don’t be stuck with a cheap, styrofoam cooler cause you forgot your rockin YETI at home! In the hotel, at the beach, by the pool, or on a boat cruise, coolers are essential to any beach vacation.

8. Beach Chairs

Put your butt in a beach chair and toes in the tide on your Emerald Coast Vacation. Beach chairs are invaluable for events, concerts, hangin at the condo, and most of all, chillin at the beach with a dry behind!

9. Stereo with CD’s AND/OR Aux Cable

Don’t be left tuneless when you’re trying to party! Grab your favorite CD’s, ipod, or tune to your top Spotify channel for complete bliss on the beach. Heritage and The Rips are great local choices for beach-day tunes!

10. Beach Toys

Wondering “what to pack for the beach with kids?”, well this one is for the children! Shovels, buckets, trucks, and squirt guns, kid’s beach toys are a staple of the family beach vacation.

11. Beach Blanket

Throw down a big blanket for a soft and sand-free day of fun in the sun! Make your beach neighbors jealous with a beach tent and chairs.

12. Beach Towels

Day one stuff right? Make sure each towel is large enough to cover head-to-toe with no holes or rips. Keep it handy, don’t let it get sandy!

13. Floats & Swim Gear

If you want to venture into the emerald green gulf, it’s best to take precautions. Year after year, visitors experience tragedy when a loved one drowns due to strong currents and rip tides. Be sure to bring floats, life jackets, and any other life-saving flotation devices for yourself and family members.

14. First Aid Kit

There are plenty of reasons to need a first aid kit while on vacation, but the Florida beaches present their own set of obstacles. Jellyfish, red ants, yellow flies, and the occasional scrape or scratch is bound to occur, especially with children! Have a first aid kit handy that includes bandages, pain relievers, and severe allergy relief like Benadryl.

15. Camera/Video Camera

Beach memories are priceless! Capture them forever on your camera or video camera. The bright sun and shining white sand requires a little extra work to pose the perfect picture. Try hitting the beach during sunrise or sunset for the most stunning photos.

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16. Sunburn Relief

Despite the best efforts of cautious mothers and fair-skinned beach-goers, sunburns do happen. Make sure to keep some sunburn relief close at hand in the event that you “miss a spot”! Aloe works great, and remember; the sooner you apply the less chance of peeling.

17. Seasonal Allergy Medication

Many visitors underestimate allergy season on the Emerald Coast. Runny noses and itchy ears are common on high pollen days, so it’s not a bad idea to bring along some allergy meds. Over-the-counter brands like Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra seem to work great in fighting seasonal allergy symptoms.

18. Rain Umbrella

Afternoon showers are commonplace here in northwest Florida! A quick sprinkle is great for a cool down, but you are sure to get wet if caught without cover. Pack an extra umbrella to keep dry on your vacation!

19. Fishing Gear

Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Shark, and Mackerel are common catches, so be prepared for a good fight and delicious catch! TIP: Navarre Beach fishing charters are a simple and effective way of catching a boatload of fish both inshore and in the deep sea. Find Navarre Beach Fishing Charters online with the lowest prices.