What’s the difference between Navarre and Navarre Beach?

Navarre Beach is a barrier island just south of Navarre. The beach is primarily a seasonal community that is accessible only by the bridge to the north, and Gulf Blvd to the west.

Is Navarre Beach an Island?

Yes, in a sense. There is a single plot of land that connects Pensacola Beach to Okaloosa Island. The Navarre Beach community is located in the center of this barrier island.

There are large areas of Navarre Beach that are undeveloped. Why is that?

The Gulf Islands National Seashore is a strip of beach that houses protected bird species . For this reason there are no condos, hotels, homes, or business to the west of Navarre Beach. On the east side, the Navarre Beach Marine Park preserves the natural beach.

What bodies of water surround Navarre Beach?

The Santa Rosa Sound to the north, and Gulf of Mexico to the south.